Feral felines deemed adoptable will be placed in shelters around Colchester County that may have available room at the time of capture.  If these shelters are full, we now have the foster homes to socialize some of the calmer animals that come into our care.  Every animal that is put into our adoption program is tested for Feline Leukaemia, fixed, and given their 1st needles.  Our fees for adoption help us cover some of the cost to get these animals healthy. 

If interested in any of our adoptables please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Please be aware that this is highly unlikely in a situation with feral cats.  Communication with other organizations will often be centered around kittens on the occasion that they are able to be socialized.

FeLV Testing

Due to the costs, we are not doing Feline Leukaemia testing, as this would limit the number of cats that we can take into our spay and neuter programs. In the environment that the cats will be returning to, there is no guarantees that they will not contract the virus. Potentially adoptable cats will be tested by shelter organizations that take them in.

Low Income Families

While we would love to be able to assist low income families, at this time our program is not ready to handle such needs of the public. Therefore, we are strictly a TNR for free roaming cats.


Donations go to costs of procedures with all free roaming cats taken into our program, trapping materials and small business costs.

Trapping includes: cardboard boxes for under the traps (makeshift waste catchers), humane traps, old blankets, food for putting in traps & feeding cats in our possession.

Small business costs will go towards public awareness presentations & phone operation costs to stay in contact with our volunteers, caregivers & the public.

Other Organizations

We are an individualized organization, this means we do not receive help from other rescues. We are working with the local Veterinary practices of Truro, Nova Scotia in order to conduct our program. Many thanks go out to Truro Veterinary Hospital and Central Nova Animal Hospital for their support.


Feral Cat means a cat that:
(i) is born in the wild or is the offspring of an owned or feral cat and is not socialized, 
(ii) is a formerly owned cat that has been abandoned and is no longer socialized, or 
(iii) lives on a farm.

Eartipping means straight-line cutting of the tip of the left ear of a cat while the cat is anesthetized.

Trap, Neuter & Return is method of humanely trapping unaltered feral cats, spaying or neutering them, and returning them to the location where they were collected