Our Mission

The Wayward Cats Society is a small non-profit organization. We began when a group of individuals saw a need to help end the ever-growing problem of feral and homeless cats in Colchester County. Wayward Cats has an overall goal to reduce the population and promote healthier lives through trap, neuter and release.

Our group is focused on aiding feral colonies and those who have been feeding strays. When stray, or abandoned, cats are given the ability to reproduce one unspayed female can produce a litter of 2-7 kittens every 3-4 months. Within 5-6 months those kittens can produce a litter of 2-7 kittens and so the cycle continues. One cat can easily become 20.

With the support we have received from businesses and individuals like yourself we have successfully trapped, neutered and released over 200 cats since beginning in 2013. We have stopped thousands of homeless kittens from being born into a life that is cold, and hungry. We offer our caregivers support and a lifetime connection to the group, through food donations and re evaluation of the colony if it begins to increase in size.

We are a trap, neuter and return program. Working with the veterinary practices of Colchester County, we aim to treat and spay/neuter all cats who come into our care to the best of our abilities.

Many of us have volunteered or worked in other animal-based organizations and see the need to help the feral cat population. With the help of the community we can make a difference in the life of a feral cat, one trap at a time.